TRUE STORY: Cheeseburger Deluxe

Monday Musings from Melinda by LHS Contributor Melinda M.img_3523About a month ago, my dearest friend from the mainland came to Hawaii with her family for vacation.img_3558After a few nights together in Volcanoes National Park, I recommended they drive to Kona Airport via South Point, in part to stop at Punaluu Beach to see the turtles (there were none that morning) while getting their last loco moco at Punaluu Bake Shop (they don’t serve them).

Punaluu USUALLY has turtles up and down the beach.

Since neither of those recommendations went well, I was feeling pretty bad when we said our goodbyes in Naalehu.

Go here for great food but not loco mocos.

Not to worry, they assured me, they had time to stop somewhere to grab one. Here’s Debbie to tell you what happened:

From Debbie R: I am always thrilled when my girls, born in Hawaii, raised on the mainland, show an appreciation for “local” things: shave ice, lau lau, poke, hula, and anything being grilled in the grocery store parking lot. When they were younger, they could recite every Rap Reiplinger skit on “Poi Dog with Crabs.”img_2803And on this trip, I loved that Kate simply could not get enough loco moco, and her favorite version was from L&L Drive Inn.

So, it was fitting that our last loco moco option was at the L&L in Keauhou. After we ordered our usuals, my family wandered toward the table next to the rooster and his hen. As we watched the birds strut through the restaurant like they owned the joint (btw, this does not happen in Michigan), I stayed near the window to retrieve our lunch.


That’s when it happened.

A man who had been standing nearby walks up to the window and says, “Hey. You know I ordered those two hamburgers? Can I just get one slice of American cheese on top one of those burgers?

L&L guy says, “You want two hamburgers?”

“No. I ordered two burgers already. You know? I was just up here? And I ordered two hamburgers. Can I just get one slice cheese on one of them?”

L&L guy looks at him a second. “Oh. Kay. You want one sandwich with just one slice cheese?”

Slightly slower, “No. I just want one slice cheese. . . on one of my burgers.”

(Pregnant pause) “Oh. Kay. Two burgers and one cheeseburger?”

Scene of the crime. L&L Keauhou and its rooster.

At this point, as much as I really, really wanted to hear the rest of the conversation, I was starting to silent-laugh too hard and I was afraid it was going to be clear that I wasn’t laughing at the chicken. I had to walk away.  But what are the odds that the guy ordering was named Mr. Frog Tree?


So no worries, Melinda. It all worked out for the best!

if you are unfamiliar with the Rap Reiplinger skit that clearly foreshadowed this real-life exchange, here it is:



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