Steaming Up My Life

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My friend Nic posted a picture on his IG showing how he steamed some veggies using a microwave steamer. I like steaming things on the stove and so other than the asparagus I steamed in the microwave recently, I haven’t used the microwave to steam things. I explored Amazon for some microwave steamers and found the Progressive International Fish/Veggie Steamer that I love! It is the perfect size for prepping some veggies for a meal and makes steaming so easy! I have tried it with several things and just have to figure out the timing.

For broccoli and carrots, I tried steaming for 6 minutes but I think 3-4 minutes is enough. For asaparagus, I steamed it for about two minutes. I cubed some kabocha and steamed it for a kabocha salad and 5 minutes was plenty. And this morning, I steamed some frozen Kow Kow Kitchen manapua for two minutes and it was perfect. I love my new microwave steamer–plus it is affordable! When I got it, it was less than $8. Living Hilo Style


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