Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Day 2 – Solvang to Paso Robles

Body clock game is still strong. I woke up early and decided to go walking around Solvang while my family slept in. I made it to Hans Christian Andersen Park and there was a sign warning visitors about wild animals and poison ivy. I didn’t see any animals there and may have seen poison ivy but since I don’t have any idea what it looks like, I made sure to not touch any plant life. On the walk back to the hotel, I stopped at Solvang Bakery and picked up a Dutch Kringle and a strawberry cream cheese danish to share with my family.

We left the lovely Corque Hotel and the town of Solvang and continued our drive north. On the way out of town, we passed the ostrich farm and the Hitching Post!! Maybe I’ll make it to the Hitching Post on my next trip to Solvang. My friends and I have some interest in visiting the sites shown in the movie Sideways.

After Solvang, our first stop was at Pismo Beach. We luckily found a parking space close to the pier and walked around. We watched surfers and fishermen, took some photos, went down the slide at the playground, and got frozen yogurt. Next we stopped at Shell Beach and the Dinosaur Caves Park. We saw a Kristin Smart memorial at the lookout point. We also saw fishermen fishing and asked them what they were trying to catch. They answered that they were catching birds/cormorants with their fishing poles. At least that is what they told us. Do you know if anyone does this? Or were they pulling our legs? Or did we misunderstand them and they actually say perch? I need to research what kinds of fish are in the area that one would catch from atop a cliff.

Our next stop was to see the famous Morro Rock and get a photo there. Next we stopped at Cayucos where we visited an antique shop and my husband picked up two vinyls—Country Comfort and Olomana.

We finally made it to Paso Robles and checked in to Oxford Suites in Paso Robles. Whew. It was hot in Paso Robles with a high of 96 degrees! We had dinner at Blast and Brew in the downtown area and shared a burger, pizza, mac and cheese, wings, and a salad. The fun part during dinner was pouring our own beer or wine from tap. What a cool system to allow people to enjoy tasting the wide variety available in tap. Living Hilo Style on the PCH.


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