Living Hilo Style, Saturday Mornings

Monday Musings from Melinda by LHS Contributor Melinda M.

I present to you Hilo’s Saturday Morning Circuit – like any circuit training, it must be executed strategically, in this case, to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize wasted time. At the end, you will feel invigorated at having beat the (self-imposed and totally imaginary) clock and return home with a sense of accomplishment.

Flying trash!
  1. Dump: Hilo doesn’t have trash pick-up. You can pay for private trash pick-up once a week or take it yourself. Assuming you subscribe to the latter, this is your first stop on the circuit because you don’t want to drive around all morning with stinky rubbish in your car. Get there before 10 a.m. or else the line of cars will be so long that your car will end up smelling like trash all day anyway. The great thing about hauling trash in Hilo? The county workers guiding traffic to the trash chutes often help unload your trash for you. I love it. Trash with aloha.

    No line!
  2. Recycling: This is either your first or next stop, depending on the line of cars to the dump since it precedes the dump by a hundred yards or so. My strategy? If the line to The Dump is long, pull in here first. If there is no line, hit this on your way out. This is where you dump paper, cardboard, tin, glass and redeemables if you have them. Living on an island, separating and reducing waste should be a no-brainer. Although our recycling is shipped to the mainland to be processed which isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. The neat thing about recycling in Hilo? There are banana trees and lilikoi vines growing wild along the edges of the parking lot. Bananas! At the dump!
  3. Gas: There are three gas stations within a block’s radius of The Dump so pull into one and fill up for the week. Gotta be prepared in case that tsunami hits! The funny thing about gas in Hilo? The least expensive station is the one closest to the airport!IMG_8278
  4. Farmer’s Market: You’ll need cash here, so plan ahead. So if you don’t have, insert a bank stop before The Dump. Like The Dump, it is ideal to hit the farmer’s market before 10. After 10, the produce is getting warm, bruised and bought.
    Paolo!  From Paolo’s Bistro in Pahoa.

    As soon as the market opens at 8, chefs are buying up avocados, tomatoes, and herbs by the box load.

    Nowadays, there are lots of vendors selling pre-made foods and other delicious treats. The great thing about Hilo’s Farmer’s Market?

    This guy sells great produce!

    If the vendors get to know you, they throw in extra produce or “loan” you $ if you’re short.

    You’re bound to run into friends at the market!
  5. KTA: Last stop. This is the mini-version of the family run supermarket that is central to Living Hilo Style. Pick up your local milk, tofu, and dry goods – at least it justifies having parked here (illicitly!) for the farmer’s market!



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