Friends, Food, Fun

As we head into the holiday season, my schedule of connecting with friends and enjoying their company along with some great food has been getting busier.

One night, a group of us who have been friends since our children were babies visited New Saigon for some delicious Vietnamese food.  I ordered summer rolls and pho.img_0739It is a BYOB restaurant and we brought a nice bottle of wine to share while we chatted with each other about our kids and our lives. We started our friendship off by talking about diapers, sleep patterns, and potty training. These days our kids are in high school and our lives revolve around their school, sports, and service activities. Now that our children are a little more independent than they were 10 years ago, we also have activities of our own to chat about. We talk about traveling, tennis, exercising, and books.

A few nights after that, a different group of friends celebrated a birthday by visiting Cafe Pesto in downtown Hilo.

Disco fries (garlic fries baked with smoked ham and mozzarella cheese sauce finished with fresh tomato, scallion, and jalapeno) along with a smoked salmon pizette hit the spot.

After dinner, we celebrated with a bottle of bubbly and some caviar. Friends, champagne, and caviar were the perfect way to end the evening.img_1062Another evening of great camaraderie was held at Seaside Restaurant.

This evening was a fundraiser for a beloved friend of all at Seaside Restaurant and the entire restaurant was overflowing with positive energy as well as awesome food and great music. Make sure that you, too, are making time to revive your spirit with good friends and good food. Living Hilo Style.

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