Ginger Chicken from New Saigon

My pal Neil asked me if I had ever tried the ginger chicken from New Saigon — the place next to Millie’s across Pond’s. I have had a few things from New Saigon and enjoyed it but had not gone there in years. I’m not sure why – especially since I like it so much. I think I need to order some takeout from there soon.

Anyway, Neil, who is a foodie said that the ginger chicken from New Saigon reminds him of the ones he used to eat on Oahu at the old-school Chinese restaurants. I wanted to try it — and so he surprised me with a plate one day at lunchtime! It smelled so good — really like I was in an awesome old-school Chinese restaurant. The sauce was awesome — not like any of the other sauces I’ve tried in Hilo. This one had some sweetness maybe from some sugar in it. And I loved that it had so much sauce on it! I could just eat that sauce with rice! I am going to try making this at home! If any of you have a good recipe — please send it my way!!! Living Hilo Style.



  1. Hi…I told Neil to try and get the recipe for me. It is one of my all time favorite dishes and I always get it when I go to Kaneohe, Oahu. There is a restaurant there that I really like….along with their cake noodle dish. Cant get cake noodle here in Texas….sigh. If you get the recipe…please share…lol.


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