Bamboo Hale Gourmet Luncheon with JCCIH

The Bamboo Hale restaurant is run by second-year culinary program students at Hawaii Community College (HawCC). Delicious gourmet dishes are created and served by students while the culinary instructors work very hard to teach the students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the food industry in our community and around the world.

One of the big supporters of the culinary program at the college is the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hawaii (JCCIH). The JCCIH organizes the annual Taste of Hilo event. Part of the proceeds from this event goes to support the HawCC culinary program.

Recently the Taste of Hilo planning committee came to Bamboo Hale to have a buffet-style lunch.  

Before lunch started, the committee got to meet the students whose hands prepared their meal.  Diners enjoyed house-made tofu in the ma-po tofu, tender short ribs, HawCC agriculture greens, a heavenly shortbread dessert and so much more!

An assortment of appetizers and main dishes were enjoyed by all!IMG_1233.jpg

Thank you JCCIH for your effort and generosity!



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