Warabi from Dorinna turned into Salad

I know I posted a warabi salad on this site a while ago but I recently tried this recipe shared by our friend George Yoshida. George of Living in Paradise fame has passed away but his memory lives on since so many of us in Hilo knew him. He always had a smile and often his camera ready to record you for the next episode of Living in Paradise. Hawaiian Electric posted George’s warabi salad recipe on their site. It is another quick, easy, and yummy recipe if you can get your hands on some warabi.

My friend Dorinna shared some warabi that she picked with me. I used the George Yoshida recipe from the site but modified it by adding more than 1.25 oz shredded cuttlefish since I didn’t have any shredded codfish. It was delicious and my daughter ate it up.

Next time you have some warabi, try this salad! Living Hilo Style.


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