What to do with Kalo? Have you tried Kalo Poke?

My friend gave me a bunch of kalo (taro) the other day and I was excited to make different dishes. I prepped it by steaming it in the Instant Pot for about an hour and then peeled it and cubed it. I then kept it in a container in the fridge ready to be used over the next few days in different dishes. I looked for all kinds of ideas and made an uala/kalo salad, roasted the kalo with garlic and butter, and made Mrs. Kuntemeyer’s veggie kalo hash patties. One day, I realized I had inamona and limu kohu in my fridge that I got from KTA and knew that I had heard of kalo poke before so decided to try and make it. This is my kind of recipe with just minimal things to do. Just chop, season, and mix. I found the Malama Learning Center site with some healthy recipes on it with one for Kalo Poke courtesy of Ka’ala Farm.

It called for cubed steamed kalo, inamona, sesame oil, Hawaiian salt, and limu kohu. I added some chopped Hawaiian chili pepper too. You can find steamed prepped kalo in the freezer section at KTA if you want to try making your own and don’t have fresh kalo on hand. Super easy and healthy! Living Hilo Style.


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