Only Easy: Rainbow Jello Parfaits

By Misty I.

National “Find a Rainbow” Day is next Wednesday, April 3rd. This would make a good dessert, waaaay easier than seven-layer jello for sure!

Rainbow Jello Parfaits


4 (3 oz.) packages of jello (I used strawberry, lemon, lime and grape)
2 (4 pack) boxes of Knox gelatin (8 packages total)
8 cups of water, divided
1 (8oz.) container Cool Whip
15-18 plastic cups


  1. Microwave 4 cups of water until boiling, about 5 minutes.
  2. While the water is boiling in the microwave, set up 8 bowls.
  3. In the first 4 bowls, add one cup of COLD water and TWO packages of gelatin. Let gelatin dissolve.
  4. In the remaining 4 bowls, add one package of jello to each bowl. Pour ONE CUP of HOT water over jello and let it dissolve.
  5. Mix one of the gelatin bowls with one of the jello bowls. Do this four times.
  6. Chill in refrigerator and cut in ½” cubes.
  7. Add 6-7 cubes to each plastic cup, and top with a tablespoon of cool whip. Top with 6-7 more jello cubes.

That’s it, only easy!


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