Craig’s Special Salad Dressing

My friend Craig loves to cook and does it well. I love when he invites us to his house and lets us enjoy the amazingness that comes out of his kitchen. One thing that I enjoy that I can handle making is his salad dressing. It goes perfectly with romaine lettuce and now that we are free to eat romaine again, it is back in rotation in my house. I have no name for this dressing so when describing it to my daughter, I call it ‘special dressing.’ She knows exactly what I am referring to when I mention it and requests this dressing if offered.

It is so simple that we eat our salad with this dressing more often than using store-bought dressing. Just put garlic, mustard, salt, pepper, anchovy paste, and lemon juice in a bowl. Very slowly, whisk in olive oil and allow it to emulsify. That’s it! In addition to using it on romaine, I like using this on kale. Since kale is so strong, you can dress the kale salad, massage the dressing in, and this salad will be good even for lunch the next day! Thanks, Craig! Living Hilo Style.


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