June House of Mana Up

This month’s subscription box was all about stuff to make my taste buds happy. There were only three items in the box but all three were great!

The first was Hilo-born Chef Sheldon Simeon’s Cook Real Hawaii cookbook that I already had because I was gifted it by a good friend. This allowed me to share this copy with my pal who I know will love it for the stories and the recipes. My daughter had an idea for me to try and make every recipe in the cookbook. Maybe I’ll take her up on it. I’ll post whatever I attempt so you can see. I don’t think I’ll make the homemade lemon olive oil, but I do have one on order for me so I can use it as called for in a few of the recipes in the book. I also started following Chef Simeon’s Instagram account to get more tips on how to make his tasty food!

The second item in the box is Hawaiian Pie Co. dark roast blend that features Guatemalan arabica beans. I still have an open bag of 100% Kona coffee that I have been using to make cold brew that I want to finish up. When I’m done with that, I’m trying this blend from Hawaiian Pie Co. they are calling Baker’s Brew to see if I can taste the chocolate and raisins. This blend isn’t yet available anywhere else than House of Mana Up so if you want to try it too, head on over to the House of Mana Up website. The Hawaiian Pie Co. is famous for their pies so maybe I get a slice of pie to go with my coffee. I don’t think Hawaiian Pie Co. is in Hilo yet so I may get some Big Island Candies pie to go with my coffee.

Finally, I am excited for another Hawaii Island product! The salmon jerky from Kaimana Jerky, a newly released and limited edition product that is healthy and yummy was in this box. I can’t wait to have it with my pau hana cocktail on a hot Hilo afternoon. Kaimana Jerky was founded by the Cho family who have been making fish jerky for over 25 years in Kailua-Kona. Supporting local. Living Hilo Style!


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