Packing for San Francisco

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I am so happy to have another trip this summer–I get to go to San Francisco! This is another quick weekend trip but I’ll be packing a little differently than I did for NYC. San Francisco’s weather is much cooler than NYC’s so I’ll have to pack a few layering pieces to prepare for a range of weather conditions. Additionally, I have some fun activities that I have to be prepared for. One is a day tour to Muir Woods and to a couple of wineries. I found a cute pair of Dr. Scholl snake print loafers on Amazon that I thought would stylishly and comfortably take me on a 10-hour tour that includes “hiking’ in Muir Woods and visiting wineries without twisting an ankle. I got compliments on these shoes during this trip. Tip — this runs slightly large, so I would order a half size down. I also ordered black disposable face masks that will protect me and others and will match with every outfit. I still had a lot of Wet Ones and hand sanitizers from the trip to NYC I just took. Since Marla and I have tickets to a yoga session at the immersive Van Gogh exhibit, I had to pack a yoga mat. Rather than pack my rolled up yoga mat, I found an affordable foldable yoga mat that would be easier for me to put in my backpack while walking on the streets of SF. I also recently found out about the JetBag for wine that protects bottles and in case of spillage, it soaks up liquid. I also went to KTA to get some Big Island lavosh and a bunch of Big Island Delights cookies and some Ola Brew IPA for omiyage.

Since I had a bunch of Hawaiian Airlines miles to use, I upgraded our seats! All that grocery shopping at KTA using our Hawaiian Miles Mastercard paid off. Even though we upgraded our seats and will get a meal I still ordered a couple of charcuterie boxes packed in Zippy’s containers from Alyssa to take on the plane! One box for us and one for the hard working flight attendants.

I also packed a individual-sized kochujang tube in my purse to add some zing to my airplane meal. I learned about this trick on my trip to Korea a few years ago. I am so excited for this trip. Stay tuned to find out what we did. Living Hilo Style in San Francisco!


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