Heavy Pupu Party at Seaside Restaurant

If you have a party at Seaside Restaurant coming up, consider making it a heavy-pupu party. We celebrated our friend’s birthday with a surprise party at Seaside where the host had the awesome idea to order heavy pupus. This was a great idea! Everyone got to eat a bit of all their favorite things from the menu. We enjoyed deep-fried calamari, cheesy escargot, Kumamoto oysters, blackened ahi salad, pupu-style pre-sliced prime rib, edamame, tempura mushrooms, ahi bombs, hamachi kama, spicy ahi and shrimp dynamite sushi rolls. People raved about being able to enjoy all the different delicious dishes.

The prime rib was tasty, tender, and unforgettable! We went home with Big Island Delights gift boxes with the best yummy snacks from Big Island Delights—shortbread cookies, garlic butter pretzels, chocolate-dipped fortune cookies, and the best PARTY MIX! AND we had so much Polaroid camera fun! Completely Living Hilo Style! Happy Birthday, Myra!


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