Tokyo May 2023 Second Full Day

On this rainy day in Tokyo, we headed to the Tsukiji outdoor market for some sushi and shopping. It feels so indulgement and fulfilling to eat good sushi for breakfast! We went to one of the many locations of the famous Sushi Zanmai and loved it. After breakfast, we browsed around the outdoor market where I bought some staples for my pantry including shio kombu which I have not been able to find at KTA the last few visits there. As I walked around, I indulged in a soft and fresh strawberry daifuku since the line wasn’t very long. After breakfast and shopping, we walked to the Ginza Donki where I picked up some snacks to bring home.

After dropping off our purchases and a quick rest, we headed to Toyosu to the new Team Lab for some immersive experiences with water, LED lights, and flowers. We got some cool photos there. It was fun but I didn’t really enjoy having to be barefoot for the entire experience. If you plan to go, get your tickets early and online since they do sell out and you may not have your choice of time. We stayed for about an hour. After our Team Lab adventure, we headed back to the hotel area where we ate at the Italian restaurant near the hotel. I enjoyed antipasti and wine on this evening. Living Hilo Style in Tokyo.


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