Lahaina Noon

By: Jenn K


A week or so ago I saw a post by insightful friend Kamaka about the Lahaina Noon. I’m embarrassed to admit that I had not heard of the phenomenon before that. I had to Google it! I immediately decided that this was something I wanted to experience and planned to be at Imiloa Astronomy Center the day of. The atrium, with its skylight directly above Clayton Bryant Young’s mosaic “Voyage of the Navigator”, should make for a perfect setting!


This occurrence happens only here in the tropics, twice during every summer. Scientists have been able to calculate the exact dates and times of Lahaina Noon which makes planning the experience a little easier.


It happened today, the 18th of May at exactly 12:16 p.m.  At its zenith, directly above us, the sun did not cast any shadows.  Partly because of clouds. Shucks.


That’s Hilo for ya. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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