Onekahakaha Beach Park, Family Fun Day, Wedding Reception

I recently had a great Saturday in Hilo. I sometimes hear people say that they can’t find things to do in Hilo, but this past Saturday was packed with fun things to do.img_3884My daughter’s soccer team had their end-of-season party at Onekahakaha Beach Park, a beach I frequented as a child.img_3881It is a great place for families as the beach is safe for young children. The kids had so much fun catching fish and sea urchin and running around on the beach.

The families brought food for lunch and we feasted on all kinds of awesome food–shoyu chicken, meat jun, chicken katsu, Goteborg sausage saucers, pasta salad, pizza, spam musubi, somen salad and so much more.  If you are having food at the beach, don’t forget to bring some kind of barrier to shield your food from the flies. We used a length of tulle to protect our food line.  img_3893Next on our agenda for this Saturday was to visit a Family Fun Day event (actually in Keaau, right outside of Hilo) where they had free water slides, free food, and free entertainment for anyone who wanted to attend. How can you go wrong?

Free ice shave/shave ice!

The final event we fit into our Saturday agenda was a party at a friend’s house to celebrate a friend’s wedding.


We feasted on Hawaiian food, warabi salad, cucumber namasu, fried kole, homemade Portuguese sausage, and lots of dessert.  There was a whole tray of Two Ladies Kitchen mochi to satisfy our sweet tooth. It was a day of non-stop eating for me.

We enjoyed a special song written for the newlyweds by Lorrin and Nate and had a private concert by Harold Kama, Jr.  Hilo definitely was not boring this past weekend. I hope you will take advantage of the weekend to enjoy some Hilo time of your own. Living Hilo Style.


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