Pokemon, Stonehenge, Shopping in Sapporo

Shucks… I woke up at 5 a.m. again this morning. The sun is so bright! I had another combini breakfast this morning. Nebaneba noodles. Natto sushi.And some cute juicy lassi thing.

After breakfast, we went shopping at Sapporo station. We found the Pokemon Store, Hello Kitty cosmetics, and cute desserts. After shopping, we visited the Makomanai Takino Cemetery. At first, I was going to say that cemeteries must sound like a strange place to visit on vacation, but I recall that I went to a cemetery (Koyasan) on my last trip to Japan too.  This cemetery is definitely unique. So unique that it made it to the Weird Japan website.  (http://www.weirdjapan.org/places/makomanai-takino-cemetery/)

If you want to see moai, Stonehenge, and a daibutsu in one stop while in Hokkaido, this is your stop! They even had a lavender field there with a rare white lavender in bloom.

We again ended the evening with an izakaya dinner with an assortment of delicious food.  YUM!


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