Family Time at Restaurant Miwa

When we get together for a family dinner, one of our regular dinner spots is Restaurant Miwa in the Hilo Shopping Center.img_4750This family-owned restaurant is located in a strip mall in the middle of Hilo town and has been around for a long time. It has ample seating and it is easy to get reservations. If you are looking for sushi, they have a sushi bar in the middle of the restaurant.

There is something there for everyone. We shared appetizers of calamari and asparagus tempura. For dinner, my son orders tamago nigiri and katsu. My brother-in-law orders a combination entree. My husband enjoys the katsu curry. My mother-in-law likes the chicken tofu. My daughter likes the oxtail soup. My sister-in-law ordered salmon and I ordered the ahi belly.

The serving sizes are generous and my mother-in-law always takes home leftovers that she can eat for lunch the next day. Good local Japanese food in Hilo. Living Hilo Style.


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  1. Belated Happy New Year, Anne San. Restaurant Miwa was a cozy delicious local restaurant. I enjoyed a family dinner over there. I am looking forward to seeing you and your family.


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