by guest blogger, Shannon W.

What an awesome basketball weekend. I enjoyed every moment of being a basketball mom because of tournaments like these. Hours spent in a gym all for that bright smile after a win.

Last weekend was a preseason tournament for my son Connor’s 10 and under basketball team. Not only did my son and his team got the taste of winning, they also got the taste of losing.

On the first day of the tournament, their first game was a warm-up win for the team against a developing team. The second game was against a team they had never won before. Connor went in a little discouraged. But as the game progressed, and his team played their game, their hard work paid off for their first win ever against this team. I have never seen a smile so bright and his chest held so high as he ran off the court to give me a hug. Let’s just say I melted.

My son, my basketball star

The third game that day was a hard loss, to say the least. This team was a little more seasoned and very “confident” in their game. Connor’s team gave up half way through the second half, killing their high from their first win from the game prior. But there was still one more day. The next day was the playoffs.

They played the second team they won from yesterday, and with a gut-wrenching win they pulled it off again and put them into the championship game against that oh-so-confident team from yesterday. I had noticed from the day prior that the other team had always sat on the same bench. I asked the coach what bench he planned on sitting at and he was planning to sit on the other bench because of a puddle of water. I don’t normally put in any two cents because I am far from being a basketball coach but couldn’t help with possibly messing with the other team’s flow by making them sit on the other side. Sometimes a small break in routine can break a team’s concentration. What can I say, I’m a woman and mind games are kinda my department JK.

The game started and it was a yo-yo game, to say the least.  The other team took a small lead, but we fought back and took the lead back by the half. We kept the lead well into the second half, but with a turn of events, questionable calls and foul trouble Connor’s team lost by two points.

So many life lessons to be taught to a group of ten-year-old boys. There’s nothing like a taste of victory for a spike of confidence, and nothing like a taste of defeat to make that future rematch a goal in their minds. Some of the players cried but was short lived as coach treated them to McDonald’s ice cream. Nonetheless, they are winners in the eyes of the coach and the parents. Mahalo to Coach Sam for his time and of course the ice cream at McDonald’s.

Post-Tournament Celebration!

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