A Soccer and Okazuya Sunday in Hilo

My daughter participated in the Volcano Soccer Tournament on a weekend in July.  On the Sunday of the tournament, her team had a 9 a.m. game scheduled. The athletes are asked to be at the field approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of the game.  I try to make it a habit of going walking/jogging in the 45 minutes while the athletes are warming up for the game.

On this particular day, my husband came with me and we decided that rather than walk aimlessly, we should walk purposefully from the Bayfront soccer fields to Kawamoto Lunch Shop and get some food. It was still early enough that there were not very many people there yet and we could put our order in right away.  We got spam musubi, maki sushi, cone sushi, shrimp tempura, hash patties, mahi tempura, eggplant tempura, BBQ beef, shoyu pork, and hot dog.  The food you see pictured above is the box after several people served themselves.  There was so much delicious food.I looked through the Hilo Trollers cookbook that was displayed on the counter for sale there and found recipes from some of my friends in there who make delicious food! Visit Kawamoto’s soon if you want your copy of this very affordable $5 cookbook with proven recipes that will make your meals and potlucks awesome.We got back to the soccer field, dropped off our food in the car and still had about 15 minutes to get a few more steps in before the start of the game.  We checked out the food truck menu just because we were curious to see what was being served.Big Island Fusion and RPG food trucks were there.  There was also a cotton candy and ice shave booth there. It looked like the athletes and the supporters enjoyed having the food trucks there for the food options.  One new thing that I had not seen at the Bayfront soccer fields prior to the weekend were six picnic tables under a tree.  These tables were well used during the tournament–but if you ever decide to sit at one of these tables, be alert.  Speeding soccer balls come flying through the air in the direction of these tables.This group of girls, mostly who play for or would like to play for Hilo High, won the U19 age group division at the soccer tournament! Congratulations on a Hilo win!  Living Hilo Style.


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