Only Easy: Fastest Salmon Ever

IMG_8765.JPGBy Misty I.

Fukujinzuke! Ha? Fukujin-what? Recently, I took this salmon dish to share at a wine night and everyone chuckled trying to say this to each other after a few glasses. Don’t be scared, fukujinzuke is simply a Japanese pickled vegetable and tastes like those addictive red pickles you get when you order katsu curry in Japan.

My first encounter with this recipe was when my sister-in-law Kristy made it for a family dinner over a decade ago. I loved it and when she explained how easy it was to make I knew it was a keeper. Kristy got the recipe from her friend Dee who got it from her mom Aunty Fran Sadayasu who got it from her mom Granny Hatada. Got it? So as far as I can tell, it’s at least a three-generations-old Hilo recipe. If you are unsure if you will like it, perhaps you should use the small can of fukujinzuke first. I hope you try this soon!



2-3 lb. fresh salmon fillet (Costco is cheapest)
1 large can (7.76 oz) Fukujinzuke (Japanese seasoned pickles) *or the small can is fine too!
4 stalks green onion, chopped
⅓ – ½ C Peanut oil (approx)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place salmon fillet and bake for 35-45 minutes uncovered (and unseasoned)
  3. Ten minutes before salmon is done cooking, heat the peanut oil in a saucepan until it’s almost (smoking)
  4. Remove salmon from oven, top salmon with fukujinzuke pickles (including the sauce from the can) and green onion.
  5. Carefully(!) pour “smoking” peanut oil on fish, fukujinzuke and green onion.

That’s it, only easy!


  1. I made this last night for dinner and it was delicious. Can’t wait to make it for other family gatherings. Thank you for sharing your many great recipes!!!


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