(Night and) Day 1 in Osaka

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our AirAsia flight from Honolulu to Osaka was delayed. Instead of arriving at 7:30 p.m., we arrived at 9:30 p.m. After getting into the airport, we easily found the train that took us to Namba station near our hotel. I tried to hail a taxi to the hotel but after giving the address to the taxi driver, he told us how to walk to the hotel since no cars are allowed on the “street” that the hotel is located on.  Thank goodness the driver gave great directions! We walked and easily found the hotel in the middle of a bustling and well-lit shopping arcade. Whew.

We checked in, dropped our bags off in the room and met up with my friend Susie who was also vacationing in Japan with her family.

We all went to 24-hour izakaya right outsid the hotel and enjoyed each other’s company until 4 a.m.

Since we stayed up all night long, I thought I’d sleep in, but still woke up at 8:30.I love visiting convenience stores for breakfast and snacks.  On this morning I visited Lawson, next to our hotel in the morning and saw a omuraisu onigiri.  My mom made omuraisu for me as a child and I consider it to be on of my comfort foods.  This onigiri was tasty and brought some nostalgic feelings in me.On this first day, I wanted to visit a temple where they host an antique fair on certain Friday’s.  Unfortunately, I got the Friday wrong and there were no antique vendors there that day.

We ended up going to Dotonbori to explore and have some lunch. That evening, we went to cheer on the Hanshin Tigers baseball team.My cousin who lives in Osaka met us at the hotel and joined us on our train ride from the hotel to the stadium.

The Japanese baseball fans are so energetic!

There were all kinds of options for food at the stadium. I had a kalbi bento at the stadium.  What a great first night and day in Osaka!  Living Hilo Style in Osaka.



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