Empty Nesting, part II

Monday Musings by Melinda M.

So. We were full on delicious, locally sourced food. Not overfull, but too full to order that lilikoi bar on macadamia nut crust that was beckoning my name. I had fully enjoyed my grilled eggplant and goat cheese sandwich – it was warm, the goat cheese was rich, smooth and creamy and the homemade Cole slaw was fantastic. My husband’s beef brisket sandwich was equally good – a deep, smoky taste, a nice crisp on the edges along with delicious au jus. We were feeling really good. Except, I really wanted that lilikoi bar. Next time, Waipi‘o Cookhouse!! Next time.

Back to Honoka‘a we drove, with a car-bound Daisy who was raring to go for a walk. We’ve been to Honoka‘a several times in the last few years – but just to the ball park for soccer and Tex’s Drive In for malasadas, lunch and a bathroom stop. Never the town center.

It’s no secret that Honoka‘a is a funky little 4 or 5 blocks of Hawai‘i plantation history – it’s got that mix of old, frontier-like wooden facades and 1950’s art deco modernism all rolled together. It’s also home to the historic People’s Theatre that hosts great musical artists and first-run movies. The main road is dotted with several antique stores, some boutiques and a few places to eat – unfortunately, both of us were too full to try any of them. Another time, Honoka‘a!

Once Daisy had investigated all of Honoka‘a’s smells, and I investigated most of the stores, it was time to make our way back to Hilo. I wanted to stop at a restroom first, so we headed to Tex’s. And you can’t stop at Tex’s without getting a malasada! We thought we could, but realized we couldn’t. We were excited when they told us we would have to wait for the next batch to be done (mmmm, fresh hot malasadas? YES!); we were not excited when they said that would take 30 minutes. Guess you can stop at Tex’s without getting a malasada (but not happily)!

As we made our way back, we took a right to go through Pa‘aulio, a right to drive through Laupahoehoe and just past Laupahoehoe, a super quick/sharp right for Waikaumalu Park whose sign intrigued us, mainly because it offered promise to walk Daisy again.

Daisy was very interested in getting out of the car!

It seemed, however, to essentially be a pavilion, picnic bench and a few parking stalls next to a river. So back on the road for us! Our nearly last detour was a left to check out a street in Hakalau – wow, plenty fancy houses there now.

Feeling road weary, we cued up a podcast and focused on getting home. Only at the last minute, another detour called my name: Rainbow Falls. We had gotten lots of rain and I thought it might be impressive. Hey, as long as we were playing tourist, why not make the #1 tourist spot in Hilo?!


Empty Nesting practice run: success!

Lucky we live Hilo style!


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