Gardening in Hilo

I’m an amateur gardener. I am not good at it but I enjoy it. Improving my garden is another goal I have for 2018. I love having a backyard that allows me to attempt to grow things.

As far as fruits and vegetables, right now, I  have green onions, Thai basil, wing beans, bittermelon, pineapples, sweet peppers, kabocha, and tomatoes. I also attempt to raise some carnivorous plants but that is a separate post I’ll write one day.  I need help from my carnivorous plant provider/botanist/traveler/sake-loving friend to write that one.

I have a small section in my backyard where I throw my green waste. IMG_3315.jpgEvery so often, things grow out of my green waste and recently, I had a bumper crop of tomatoes.


The tomato plants were so large and heavy and just laid on the ground. To solve that problem, I ended up buying some affordable tomato cages that I found on Amazon.  When I bought it, it was only $24.97 for 10 tomato cages.  It was perfect for my amateur backyard gardening project.  It kept the plants upright and the tomatoes off the ground.  D37AD4FD-A6A7-4D2B-A477-CAB7B267C6C9.jpgBruschetta, anyone? Living Hilo Style.


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