Instant Pot Kalbi-ish Short Ribs

Now that I’ve used my Instant Pot as a pressure cooker once with great results, I’m inspired to use it more.  I was afraid at first and used it only as a slow cooker, but I experimented with a corned beef and my family loved it.  I had never used a pressure cooker before and using it that first time was so easy.  I’m inspired to try new dishes in the IP.

All the blogs and FB pages I follow that talk about the Instant Pot mention that ribs are a good dish to make in the IP.  I decided to get some ribs and make a kalbi-ish dish for the family.

So, one Sunday, I bought some boneless short ribs at the store and loosely followed the Just One Cookbook’s recipe. According to Nami, the ribs are tender and delicious and will taste like I spent hours in the kitchen. As Nami instructed, I seasoned the ribs and sauteed them right in the IP. Next, I took out the meat and sauteed the onions next.   After the onions caramelized, I added the meat back in the IP, poured the sauce in, and put in the ginger, carrots, and daikon. I set the ribs for stew/meat for 35 minutes and let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes. Here is the finished product. Verdict:  For some reason, some rib pieces were very, very tender and some were not as tender.  I’m not sure why there was a difference in the tenderness of the pieces, but nevertheless, my family was happy with dinner. It is possible that I needed to set the IP for more than 35 minutes since I had a larger quantity of ribs in the pot than was in the recipe.  I’d try this again. Since my family loves kalbi, I would use a more classic kalbi sauce next time and I’d lengthen the cooking time for the quantity of ribs I had in there. Living Hilo Style.


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