Peru on my Mind in Hilo

One of my friends recently got an email encouraging her to sign up for a tour to Peru. A few of us have been seriously considering going this summer since it is a great deal!IMG_1432.jpgWhile all of this is going on in my mind, I got an email from the Hawaii Community College culinary program about their specials in their Bamboo Hale gourmet restaurant. The restaurant has specials throughout the semester focusing on different cuisines of the world.  This week’s special is food from Peru!  I think it is a sign that I should go to Peru.

IMG_1428.jpgI had the chance to go to lunch and try the Peruvian food.IMG_1434.jpgAppetizer Duo:  Scallop & Shrimp Ceviche & Tomato Lime Granita and Potatoes a la HuancainaIMG_1435.jpgSoup: Chepe De Camarones-Shrimp & Corn ChowderIMG_1436.jpgEntree:  Duo of Classic Street Food–Aji de Gallina & Papas Rellenas and Locro De Zapallo


Dessert:  Gingerbread Roulade with Dulce de Leche cream filling.

Peru in Hilo!  Check out the Hawaii Community College Cafeteria and the Bamboo Hale!  You’ll find a lot of delicious choices while supporting the culinary program here in Hilo.  Living Hilo Style.