Grapefruit and Honey Tangerine Monday

I have a wonderful colleague at work who has a green thumb.  He grows all kinds of things and shares his bounty with the lucky people he knows at work. We get daikon, eggplant, mizuna, green beans, and so many vegetables and fruits!

On a cold Monday morning in early 2018, he shared grapefruits and honey tangerines with me. I love grapefruits and find that they are so expensive at the grocery store so when my friend’s grapefruit tree is in season, I am so blessed to be able to indulge in this local, juicy, delicious grapefruit. It is the juiciest grapefruit I have ever had!IMG_1555.jpgMy friend’s honey tangerine tree is also in season right now and tastes so sweet.

I hope my garden soon offers a bounty of treasure so I can share with my friends as generously as my friend Wane does. We are so lucky in Hilo where the rain allows us to grow wonderful gardens that provide us with delicious local produce. I’m sure you also have friends who bring you gifts of avocados, mangos, tangerines, and so much more! Living Hilo Style.


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