Boulevard in San Francisco

I had never heard of Boulevard in San Francisco. It is located right across Hotel Vitale where I stayed for the Zappos Bay to Breakers 12K in May 2015. We ended our trip with an amazing dinner at this upscale restaurant.

Our server, Francesca, originally from Kaneohe knew immediately that the ladies on her table were from Hawaii. When we told her we wanted to do everything family style she did not bat an eyelash and made things really easy for us.

Here is what we ate.

Spanish Octopus & Sepia Tortellini–Tortellini with olive oil, roasted potato & mint, East Coast calamari, Mandarin oil & Marash Pepper.Softshell Crab–Black rice jacket, stuffed with scallop & Dungeness crab, hand-rolled rice noodles, XO sauce.Crab & Avocado–Handpicked local Dungeness crab, hearts of palm & coconut cream, gooseberries & white tumeric. Hudson Valley Foie Gras–Black sesame babka, lime kiwi preserve, honey gold apricots & fresh blackberries.This is my personal favorite–Roasted Porcini Mushrooms & Squash Blossom Risotto–fresh California porcini mushrooms roasted with garlic & thyme, Vialone Nano risotto with safflower, nasturtium & squash blossoms stuffed with porcini & mascarpone.Local Wild King Salmon–Grilled with sumac & truffle hotel butter, Zuckerman Farm asparagus, Yukon potato crushed with pea tendrils & English peas, brown butter, Marcona almonds & summer truffles.And because we are a steak-loving bunch, we ordered the Angus filet with olive oil potato with soft fennel, leeks & arugula, marinated fingerling potato, broccoli & kale Limone, and a golden Enoki mushroom relish & jus.


Of course, we ended with dessert–on the left is the Dark Chocolate and Almond–housemade cherry jam ice cream, flourless chocolate cake, chocolate stout truffle bar, almond nougat, and caramel confections. I loved the dessert on the right–the Red Velvet Layer Cake–cream cheese cheesecake, frozen pavlova puffs, malted ice cream, English toffee, with a fudge sauce. Decadence to end the night.


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