Just Cruising at Just Cruisin’

Merle, Erin, and I had a nice Saturday morning coffee and catch up session at Just Cruisin’ Coffee in Downtown Hilo. 

I’m not a regular coffee drinker but thought I should order a coffee since we are at a coffee shop.

It was a beautiful Hilo morning.

I ordered a cafe au lait but their coffee brewer was out of service so I ended up enjoying a latte. I also ordered a ham, egg, and Swiss cheese breakfast sandwich on an Asiago bagel. Delish.

Even more enjoyable than our food and coffee was our leisurely morning catch-up session in their outdoor seating area. In typical Hilo fashion, we recognized several people. Two of the employees were Merle’s former students and we recognized a few people coming through the nonstop drive-through line.

We talked about kids and grandkids, college, sports, solar panels, travel, backyard gardening, and so much more.  Our morning talk motivated me to expand my gardening projects.  Later that afternoon, I weeded my garden and planted some eggplants and flowers. I can’t wait for our next catch-up session. Living Hilo Style.



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