Only in Hilo: KTA’s Mochi Doughnuts

By Misty I.

I’m late to the game again. On the morning of May 25, 2018, there were two very large boxes of tempting goodies from KTA in the office at work. The first box was pastries, the second was manapua. That was an easy choice for me…manapua all the way. You know, for protein. As I was busy picking out my manapua, a colleague intervened and said “Misty, you must try the mochi doughnut!” as he pointed to an andagi-ish shaped specimen in the pastry box. I took a chance and tried it. It’s now my new favorite guilty pleasure. I immediately thought to myself….”How do I not know about these spheres of scrumptiousness? When did KTA start selling this?” I later found out they’ve been selling it since November 2017.

Not to be mistaken with their popular poi mochi, these mochi doughnuts are bigger and better. Almost like a super-sized version of my Japan addiction…a Mister Donut Pon de Ring. KTA’s mochi doughnuts are not too sweet, soft as a pillow and addicting! I wonder how they taste warm? Mmmmm. In fact, after writing this post I zoomed down to KTA Puainako to buy a few. You know, to take a picture for you.

Guess what? They were sold out!

I hope you try mochi doughnuts soon. Only in Hilo! Actually, they aren’t only available at KTA Puainako, but at most of their locations islandwide except Downtown Hilo.



  1. Recipe please. I had it the Mochi Doughnuts last year and it was delicious, I am from Florida and are unable to visit Hilo all the time.


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