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Only in Hilo: Commuter Special at Pizza Hawaii


By Misty I. Did you grow up in Hilo during the 1980’s? Do you remember eating at Snappy’s Pizza on Kalanikoa Street? I loved eating their pizza! Snappy’s Pizza is long gone but… Continue reading

Only in Hilo: Yoga at The Zen Den


By Misty I. The benefits of yoga are undeniable. It was developed as a way to achieve harmony between heart and soul on the path to divine enlightenment. Recently we’ve been going to… Continue reading

Only in Hilo: Top 3 @ Hilo Lunch Shop


By Misty I. What’s the most important rule at Hilo Lunch Shop? What rule? When you walk in you BETTER look to the right and make sure you not cutting in line!! You… Continue reading

Only in Hilo: Kim’s at the Muni’s Mandoo


By Misty I. I’m very lucky to have a wonderful group of friends. They are kind, gracious and very, very fun! They also support my mandoo obsession. True story! Recently, when I met… Continue reading

Only in Hilo: KTA’s Mochi Doughnuts


By Misty I. I’m late to the game again. On the morning of May 25, 2018, there were two very large boxes of tempting goodies from KTA in the office at work. The… Continue reading

Only in Hilo: 5 Other Things to Eat at Takenoko


By Misty I. Anne’s post a few weeks ago got me thinking about Takenoko Sushi. Like Anne, if I get invited to Takenoko I move heaven and earth to be there! But, I… Continue reading