Only in Hilo: Walter Victor’s Homerun Treats

By Misty I.

February 12, 2020

If you are involved in Hawai’i youth baseball, you know about the multitude of tempting treats that await you at the baked goods table every weekend. Here in Hilo, the baked goods table is easily more than 15 feet long!

In over a decade of working at baseball concessions, I finally worked at the baked goods table this past weekend for the first time. I took some very unscientific data. In my 3-hour shift this is what I noticed:


  1. Anything chocolate – brownies and chocolate cake sold well during my shift. If you have to bake something for a concession, chocolate sells!
  2. Butter mochi – this went quickly and when someone was buying the last bag, a parent asked if I had more. I suspect any mochi-type product would sell including chichi dango and/or chocolate mochi but I have no data to back up this claim.
  3. Homemade Rice Krispies Treats- this is a popular item as well, especially if it’s a big piece for $1.
  4. Haystacks/chocolate covered pretzels – popular especially if neatly done with sprinkles.
  5. Li hing and/or lemon peel gummy bears – nuff said. Super popular! If you aren’t a baker and need to make something for a baseball concession…make this!
  6. Curveballs – unexpected items that you don’t see every weekend also sold well. During my shift hand-decorated baseball cookies were snapped up lightning quick. I made “only easy” chocolate-covered strawberries that I didn’t even “bake” and it also went in less than 20 minutes too.

Pinch Runners!

  1. Peanut butter cookies – Lots of people asked me if we had any. Unfortunately we didn’t. If it were available I’m betting it would’ve sold out.
  2. Party mix – it wasn’t present on our baked goods table either but people kept asking for it!

That’s my Walter Victor Baseball Complex baked goods report, only in Hilo!


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