Only in Hilo: 5 Other Things to Eat at Takenoko

IMG_0751.JPGBy Misty I.

Anne’s post a few weeks ago got me thinking about Takenoko Sushi. Like Anne, if I get invited to Takenoko I move heaven and earth to be there! But, I have a confession. I don’t really love raw fish. I know, I know. I want to love it, it’s as clean as “clean eats” can get. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! So you’d think that I wouldn’t like going to Takenoko Sushi, but I do! I especially love catching up with friends and family over good food and drink.

The following dishes are some good options if you are like me. This is not a complete list of all that Takenoko offers, just what I like to order:

IMG_1163.JPGKing crab (or regular) miso soup

IMG_6649.JPGSalmon musubi special

IMG_1152.JPGTamago nigiri on an assorted sushi plate.

Unagi nigiri–to the left of the uni that my friend enjoys.

Hamakua mushrooms


Did you know Takenoko used to make ramen too? Sadly, they no longer do but it was oishii!!! Only in Hilo!


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