Not All Nightmares Are That Bad

Monday Musings by Melinda M. Chiara M., grade 8

Every teenager’s worst nightmare is to have to spend a night out in public with their mother and her friends. Especially if your mother has a Ph.D. in embarrassing you (ahem ahem my mom).


My mom and her friends have a book club and every few weeks they meet to discuss the book that they chose to read but they don’t really discuss it till the last about five minutes of their one-hour dinner. Honestly, they just use it as an excuse to get out together which in my opinion is much better than actual book club. I have attended three book clubs in my lifetime and even though I don’t remember the first time, I’m sure I was embarrassed. I know it sounds weird but I was embarrassed in front of HER friends. Not mine. Hers. Weird right?


Anyway, on November 3, it was Black and White night in Hilo and my mom’s book club was going to attend it, so my mom invited me to join them. So I did. When my dad was driving me down to the restaurant I was starting to wonder if this would be a nightmare. But, at the night went on I realized nightmares aren’t all that bad. I actually had a lot of fun because I see me and my friends in them. They aren’t embarrassed to do funny stuff or have fun and I think that’s pretty cool. So from teen to teens, try hanging out with your mom and her friends or your dad and his friends because nightmares aren’t all that bad.

Columnist’s note: this post was definitely not what I envisioned when I suggested Chiara write about going to Black & White Night! LOL! Kids certainly have their unique perspectives! No editing was done to this original blog post.


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