Only in Hilo: Dinner at Hawaiian Style Cafe

By Misty I.

March 18, 2020

We are currently in uncharted waters because of COVID19. Yesterday, I checked with Hawaiian Style Cafe (HSC) here in Hilo and I they were still doing take-outs at this time. Check with them to confirm.

I went there for dinner a few weeks ago and loved it! I did “research” for this post and tasted a bunch of the dishes everyone ordered. This is what our family of 10 had:

Mixed Plate: the majority of us ordered this in different combinations. We especially enjoyed the garlic chicken, boneless kalbi and Korean chicken. Love that HSC has tuna in their mac salad, so ‘ono (yummy!)

My MIL enjoyed the pulehu-style short ribs, perfectly seasoned!

My FIL ordered the ever popular Lechon Kawali which is a Filipino style pork dish. I will order an entire plate of this for myself once COVID19 blows over.

Lastly, HSC has all the local favs too. The kids ordered chicken katsu, cheeseburgers and breakfast too!

See you at Hawaiian Style Cafe Hilo for dinner, only in Hilo!


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