Hilo Farmer’s Market for Pinakbet Ingredients

I hope that you are managing well and that you are not running out of toilet paper or soap in your homes as we all experience the craziness that is happening surrounding the COVID-19 uncertainties. This morning, I tried to do my part in supporting local by getting some veggies at the Hilo Farmer’s Market.

I wanted to buy as many veggies as I could so I decided to make my version of pinakbet. I picked up some crispy pork belly from KTA and sliced it up and heated it up in a big pot. I added some chopped onions and garlic and a couple of chunks of ginger to the pan and let the aromas fill the house. I chopped some tomatoes and added that to the pot. Next, I added some chopped bittermelon, zucchini, and eggplant. I add some patis to the mixture with some salt and pepper and that is it.

My family loves this dish and it makes me feel good to know that we are supporting our local farmers as we eat this up. Living Hilo Style.


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