Cook Chili for 50 People — Kozmic Cones to the Rescue

I had a work event where I agreed to cook chili for around 50 people. I do love to cook and have cooked chili before in my life, so I agreed. As the day of the event got closer and closer, I started to stress out a little as I thought about the ingredients I would need and how I would have to scale my recipe to cook this much chili. I love chili and have made it many times but never for 50 people. On the Saturday morning before the event, I decided that it would be so much easier and possibly cheaper if I could just buy it.

I immediately thought of Kozmic Cones as a source for my chili. I found the contact information ( and emailed them early on a Saturday morning. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a response over the weekend but even before 7:30 a.m. I got a response from the owner who said it would be no problem and that I could pick it up on Tuesday morning. And yes, as I predicted, it was cheaper than it would have been if I had purchased all the ingredients on my own. Plus, I got professional assistance in trying to figure out exactly how much chili I needed. I think if I had tried to make it on my own, I would have made way too much chili.

I brought it to our mixer where our Hawaii Community College business education students could meet and network with our faculty and staff as well as members from the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce. The chili was a hit!

Check out Kozmic Cones for the next time you have to provide food for a crowd — they might have just what you need while reducing your stress level of having to prep it on a busy day. Living Hilo Style.

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