Walking to get things done before soccer

Some reflections about a time prior to COVID 19.

My daughter had a soccer game at the Bayfront soccer field recently. I got her there to warm up before the game and I parked at the field. Rather than just sitting in the car and read or take a nap or or catch up on social media posts, I decided to take care of some errands. Rather than driving to each location, I left the car at the soccer field and walked up the road where three of my errands were located.

I first stopped at Edward Jones to visit Keith Marrack who is helping me with financial planning and preparing for retirement.

Next, I stopped at the Bank of Hawaii to make a deposit.

Finally, I stopped at Longs to pick up some clams so I could make Misty’s yummy clam dip for the holiday party I had in a few days.

I walked back down to the soccer field in time for the game start. I loved that I could walk around to take care of my errands. I combined a healthy habit of getting in some steps and closing my activity circles on my Apple Watch while getting things done. Living Hilo Style. We will get back to this lifestyle once again. My daughter is really missing soccer.


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