Only in Hilo: Top 3 @ Hilo Lunch Shop

By Misty I.

What’s the most important rule at Hilo Lunch Shop? What rule? When you walk in you BETTER look to the right and make sure you not cutting in line!! You going get some serious Hilo-style shade if you do. It won’t take long for you to realize what you’ve done though because you will just feel every single eye waiting for you to get to the back of the line. Have I scared you? Right on, the line going be shorter now. Nah, just kidding!

I think Hilo Lunch Shop may be the most diverse okazu-ya shop in Hilo. The variety there is incomparable! I can’t imagine the amount of time it would take me to cook a spread like the one in the pic above, and it definitely wouldn’t taste as good. That’s why Hilo Lunch Shop okazu-ya is worth every penny to me!

They also has a killer array of cold treats too. This pic of their namasu with kakuma makes my mouth water!

Here are my “Top 3” choices at Hilo Lunch Shop (HLS):

#3: Fried Chicken – this stuff is flavorful and addicting. I suspect it’s one of their best sellers. Don’t be alarmed when you’re waiting in line and don’t see it. It’s usually below the sushi in a large stainless bowl. I wish I knew what the dredge mix was. Do you know? Please tell me!

#2: Veggie Tempura – I think this is the name of these fried balls of fantasticness, but I’m not entirely sure. HLS doesn’’t always have this first thing in the morning so I feel extra lucky when it’s available. The batter is sweet, almost like a dessert!

#1: Tofu Patties – again I don’t know if this is it’s official name. It may look like corned beef hash to the uninitiated but it’s way better, trust me! A friend suspects it may be made with okara. I don’t know what it’s made of I just know I love it!

I’ll see you in line at Hilo Lunch Shop. Only in Hilo!


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