Only in Hilo: Top 3 @ Kawamoto Store Okazu-Ya

By Misty I.

I hope you and your family are okay from the effects of Tropical Storm Lane. Honestly, I’m still traumatized. I know firsthand what it’s like to experience flooding and the constant monitoring of water levels. Utterly exhausting, so over it.

Let’s talk about something else.

Many of us Hiloans have grown up on Kawamoto’s. Back in high school, we’d either stop at Kawamoto’s or the old Kay’s Lunch Center for a bento before heading to Hapuna for the day. Such fun memories! #waiakeahighfoeva

Kawamoto’s has a wonderful variety of goodies. A few weeks ago my husband and I were craving some okazu-ya after our morning run so we cruised passed to see what the line situation was like. Luckily, it was short. Score!

Once you walk in, decisions need to be made pronto. I get the feeling that everyone is busy and trying to get out of there, so I always try to be ready with my order. These are my top three pics:

#3: Shoyu Pork – this is a must when we make a box for an outing. I like the end pieces that have been soaked in shoyu-sugar scrumptiousness.

#2: Shrimp Tempura – lawd have mercy, this is fried food on fleek. The shrimp is always sweet and crispy beyond belief! One left that day, yes!!

#1: Sushi – The cone sushi and maki sushi at Kawamoto’s really does taste better than other okazu-ya in Hilo.

See you at Kawamoto’s! Only in Hilo!


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