Hurricane Lane/Disaster Prep

Is your household prepped for a natural disaster with water, food, first aid, etc. for at least a few days?  img_7639Thankfully, I have a good-sized (but messy) pantry and a habit of buying things on sale or from Costco so I usually have a pretty good hoard of canned goods and Sapporo Ichiban all the time.  My husband recently bought bags and bags of charcoal so we have a way to heat the contents of those canned goods if needed. We usually have a few cases of water and have lots of reusable water containers that we can fill prior to a disaster so when a hurricane comes visiting, there isn’t usually much I have to purchase in the way of disaster prep.

On Tuesday afternoon, my daughter had a tennis practice in Hilo.  I normally use that time to go walking and get some exercise in so it was no different for me on this pre-Hurricane Tuesday.img_7619 It was a very pretty day to go walking.  I had the great idea of walking around downtown and getting pics of the craziness at the Hilo gas stations and grocery stores.  I had heard that the Target/Safeway area was crazy and the gas lines were long there.

That wasn’t the case in the downtown area. I walked to the downtown Sack and Save and found that the parking lot was full of the parked cars from shoppers but the gas lines weren’t long at all. I hope you got your gas.  I heard that some stations ran out of gas. img_7629

So, when I went to the store on Tuesday evening to get some food for dinner, my hurricane prep involved purchasing candy, chips, ice cream, poke, and a couple of cans of Spam. The cashier in the grocery store told me that it was busier than Thanksgiving for them!  How did you disaster prep?  Living Hilo Style.