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Only Easy: Confetti Butter Mochi


By Misty I. If you are in need of a colorful dessert perhaps you could try making this. It’s verrry easy! Confetti Butter Mochi Ingredients: 1 box mochiko (about 3 cups) 3 C.… Continue reading

Only in Hilo: KTA’s Mochi Doughnuts


By Misty I. I’m late to the game again. On the morning of May 25, 2018, there were two very large boxes of tempting goodies from KTA in the office at work. The… Continue reading

Only Once a Year: Mochi Pounding


By Misty I. Happy New Year!!! My husband’s first cousin Donn has a mochi pounding day at his home every year. It used to be at Grandpa Inouye’s in Pepe’ekeo but has since… Continue reading