Is This For Your Husband?

I stopped at Subway in Downtown Hilo to pick up some sandwiches for lunch today. I ordered sandwiches for my husband, myself, and my daughter.


As I completed my order, the cashier asked me if one of the sandwiches was for my husband.  She knew exactly who he was and she could identify him by his choice of sandwich and toppings.  She said he always gets the Subway Melt with Sriracha sauce and mayo.

I can’t make too much fun, though.  I always get the same thing from Subway too.  Pastrami sandwich on wheat with mayo, mustard, and all the veggies.


When I go to Cafe 100, I get a similar reaction when putting in an order. Cafe 100 is one of my picky-eating son’s favorite places to get his dinner.  My husband is the one who usually picks up the dinner since he goes there when I am too busy to cook. My son always gets the same thing (double cutlet loco, sunny-side up).  He would eat that every day if he had a choice. When I, for some reason, am the one to go to Cafe 100, and put in the order, my husband’s favorite cashier knows exactly who the order is for. My husband and son are creatures of habit and the cashier knows that this order is for my husband. He doesn’t know me but knows the order well enough to speculate who my husband is–the double cutlet loco, sunny-side up order guy (for my son) and depending on the special of the day, Hawaiian plate or oxtail soup or braised beef or bento.

I love living in Hilo–where you can go to one of the local eateries and chances are you’ll find someone who knows you by what you order.  Living Hilo Style.