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When Brother Visits Hilo


My brother and his family came to Hilo to help celebrate Steven’s graduation from Hilo High School. We had a great time hanging out with my nephew Max! After the graduation ceremony, we… Continue reading

Is This For Your Husband?


I stopped at Subway in Downtown Hilo to pick up some sandwiches for lunch today. I ordered sandwiches for my husband, myself, and my daughter. As I completed my order, the cashier asked… Continue reading

Creatures of Habit


Do you know people who are creatures of habit?  What exactly does it mean to be a creature of habit?  At this moment, I am using the term to refer to someone who,… Continue reading

Parenting and My Lifesavers


Like most parents in Hilo, my children are involved in a few activities. I love that my children are involved in these activities that help them grow as individuals as well as give… Continue reading