Hawaiian Style Cafe–Anna, Lechon, and Lilikoi

Yay!  I got a text from Anna, a former student of mine.  She is visiting from Portland and had some time for dinner with me.  img_0020We decided to go to Hawaiian Style Cafe where she could indulge in some yummy local food.img_0010I hadn’t been to Hawaiian Style Cafe in a long time.  One of the many idiosyncrasies I have is that I like knowing what the special or most loved items are at restaurants before I go there.  I love food and I have difficulty deciding on a choice at the spur of the moment, especially when there are a lot of awesome choices. So–I checked out the reviews and the menu for Hawaiian Style earlier in the day before dinner.

Once I saw reviews and pictures for the lechon, I stopped.  I don’t make this at home–I should.  Maybe I will one day soon.  I don’t often see this at other restaurants so that made this choice a no-brainer for me. Pork, tomatoes, onion, patis with a splash of chili pepper water.  Can’t go wrong.  Plus, the serving was so generous that I had enough to take home for my lunch the next day.  My co-workers will be smelling the onions down the hall!

It was delicious and went perfectly with a cold Kona Longboard in a frosty mug on this humid day in Hilo!  img_0017We finished this dinner with a shared slice of a delicious and refreshing Lilikoi Supreme pie. Even better than the lechon and the pie? I got to spend this dinner with dear Anna where we caught up about travel, life, and friends. Living Hilo Style.


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