Only Live Once: Laplanque, France

By Misty I.

I recently visited France again. I’ve already written about food in Paris, so this time I thought you might like to hear about some dishes from the South of France.

We stayed in the Aveyron region at Château de Laplanque. It’s an actual four-story chateau and has been owned by the Rogues Rogery family for over 800 years. I felt like I was living out my Downton Abbey dreams, no joke! I just could not get over its beauty.

All the way down to the old letters on the mantle in our “parlor” post dated 1915.

After we silently put on our own unique mix of Lululemon, Kryptek, Kuiu and Sitka camouflage each morning we would head downstairs for breakfast. Waiting for us were slices of toasted French baguette with butter, Bonne Maman raspberry preserves and tar-dark coffee with cream.

The jams are from France of course but it’s available at KTA. If you think spending $5+ on a bottle of jam is pricey do yourself a favor and just try it! Guava jam will always be there, live a little! I’m partial to the Bonne Maman strawberry, but now I’ll buy raspberry and orange marmalade as a tribute to our time at Laplanque. So good! Side note, the jars are pretty sturdy. I dropped one in the kitchen about ten years ago and the jar was fine but my ceramic tile wasn’t!

We would return to the chateau each day for lunch and dinner. Meals were served in the dining room with silverware that is hundreds of years old stamped with Guillaume’s family crest.

The menu definitely reflected early fall. Madame Lisa of Laplanque absolutely blew me away with her field to table dishes like seven-hour sheep with sweet potato mash and teak-colored duck with a tomato salad that puts chicken to shame. My lame pictures do not do justice to my top favorites below:

Red Stag Curry with Basmati Rice: stag, carrots, potatoes, and zucchini in a much earthier, darker, heavier and thicker sauce than I’m used to. I had seconds!

Veal en Paupiette with Quinoa and Raisins: satisfying and delicious with a hint of sweetness from the raisins. Yes, Madame Lisa tied each veal paupiette with string. So time-consuming, I’m grateful!

After Dinner Cheese Platter: the best of France on one plate. We liked the Gouda best which is the one with the black skin in the foreground.

Thank you, Guillaume, Lisa, Fabiola, Licinia, John and Julian for your epic hospitality! Please come to Hawaii so we can continue chapter two of singing Hotel California and moonwalking to Billie Jean. We promise to provide a “plus, plus, plus” experience. Only live once, au revoir!

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