Day 5 Hilo to Hokkaido — Otaru to Sapporo

On day 5 of my Hokkaido trip, I woke up early and took a walk around the neighborhood. There isn’t a whole lot to see around the Kuramure ryokan but there was a beautiful river and garden. And you know how much I love gardens!

After the walk, I enjoyed our last ryokan breakfast. We stopped at the canal in Otaru to take a photo and then headed to Kim’s Glass Design to pick up our finished glasses.

After we headed back to Sapporo and checked back in to Keio Plaza Sapporo, I headed toward Sapporo Station and went to the BIC Camera basement where Misty and I enjoyed some 100-yen shopping. After shopping, we were a little hungry and thirsty and went to the 10th floor to enjoy some ramen, gyoza, fried rice, and nama (draft) beer.

After getting back to the hotel and starting to pack to make sure everything fits into the luggage we brought, we headed out to dinner at another izakaya. (I bring this scale that I bought from Amazon with me when I travel so that I don’t go over the weight limit. It is easy to pack and gives me peace of mind.)

The mochi bacon was my favorite dish at this izakaya and was on the top of the list of very good, delicious foods on this whole trip. Living Hilo Style in Sapporo!

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