Tamago Sando Class!

It is mid-December and I haven’t traveled to Japan in over a year. I love visiting Japan — and am missing the food!

As you might be able to tell, I am missing traveling and missing Japan. One of the things that are awesome about Japan are the things you can get at their convenience stores–kombini. One thing that you may have heard of is their amazing egg sandwich. It is called tamago sando in Japan and it is a creamy, tasty snack that you can find at 7-11! The bread is crustless and is so soft. The egg salad tastes creamy and is just perfect and somehow not replicated here that I have found yet. So when I found a virtual class on Airbnb, my friends and I decided to take it so we could try and make the sandwich in our own homes.

Our teacher Yumi was patient and walked us step by step through the process. Check out her class on the Airbnb site to sign up and learn her recipe. You just might see some of your friends in the class like we did! Our class was filled with Hawaii people. Living Hilo Style.


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