Only Live Once: The Japan Carb List

By Misty I.

Warning…this post may make you want to eat a doughnut. Okay, maybe two. So, if you are trying to work on losing some jiggle or that pesky muffin top stop reading now. Still reading? Haha, we are kindred spirits.

My family and I recently visited Japan and the food was phenomenal. Japan has the yummiest carbs! Ramen! Onigiri! Sushi! The list goes on and on. But did you know that Japan has some of the best pastries and bread around too? When you think about traditional Japanese desserts does mochi or manju come to mind? Me too. What I did not expect was the amount of French-style desserts and more importantly the quality and taste of each delectable bite.

Bakery Name: Cookhouse Bakery Cafe
Location: Osaka – Namba Station

What to get: Melon Pan, soft and buttery like a croissant with a crunchy topping. My younger son kept calling the bakery “Fall Harvest Campaign” because he’d read signage in the bakery advertising new/special items. We started calling it that too, until our last visit where I noted it’s real name “Cookhouse Bakery Cafe.”

Bakery Name: Johan Paris
Location: Tokyo (Ginza) – Mitsukoshi Department Store

What to get: Chocolate Bread. It looks like a chocolate babka, but it’s not as sweet. Dozens of Japanese women patiently wait in line for this one item. I’m a sucker for food lines, if I see one I immediately investigate…yup…niele. It paid off this time and led me to getting a coveted ticket for chocolate bread! I’m glad I stood in that line, chocolate bread is scrumptious!

Bakery Name: Mister Donut (ミスタードーナツ, Misutā Dōnatsu)
Location: Multiple Locations (we visited the Shimbashi Station store most often)

What to get: Glazed Pon de Ring. I have dreams about eating this doughnut. The Halloween doughnut pictured above is not it, but it’s a good choice too. The pon de ring is a mochi-type doughnut that you have to experience in order to understand.

An Honorable Mention should also go to Little Mermaid Bakery, everything there is good too! No pics, inhaled everything too quickly.


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